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Brisbane, Australia’s Salt Money calls to mind a time before screamo was a dirty word. Their new release on Really Rad Records, Eternities/First Breath, compiles all of the band’s recorded material to date, previously released on their own Lumens House label as two separate EPs. The golden era of post-hardcore saw labels like Level Plane and Equal Vision curating records that pushed the boundaries of heavy music to its logical limits, and that is precisely the torch Salt Money is bearing.

Fans of bands like Hot Cross, Envy, and Funeral Diner will find more than a little to enjoy here, but Salt Money isn’t just retreading old ground. With both feet firmly planted in the present but a reverent nod towards the past, what’s on offer is a compelling, dynamic take on screamo that understands its roots but is not strictly beholden to them. Whether you’re still carefully tending to your Spock haircut from 20 years ago or you’re a relatively new fan of the form, Salt Money’s vital, urgent brand of post-hardcore will resonate.

First run on White Cassette (Limited to 100 copies)

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