released April 30, 2016

Kai Brunson - Guitar, Vox
Chester Cun - Guitar, Vox
Jake Campbell - Drums, Vox

Drums tracked by Dylan Wall at Crackle & Pop! Studios
Guitars, Vocals tracked at Odegaard Library Sound Studio UW
Mixed by Dylan Wall
Mastered by Chris Hanzsek


"Leaving home operates at the forefront for this Seattle-based band, which may have to do with their youthful positions in life, and it seems that their best reaction to the jarring moment of being let loose is to play the fuck out of their instruments. Curse League sound unabashedly resilient about stepping out into the world.

The music works as a rallying cry and is easy to see being shouted by many like-minded listeners before descending to all out surrender to movement in a mosh pit. Upon seeing them at a recent house show, I would also add that they seem very aware of what they are doing – the environment that they are creating. They play with abandon, but they encourage concert-goers to be aware of the people surrounding them – it’s clear their music has intention behind it."
- Atwood Magazine

"Vocals weave and turn through the vigorous melodies and riffs of dual guitars of Chester Cun and Kai Brunson, punctuated by the tight yet enjoyably spastic drumming of Jake Campbell. Vigorous rhythms and organized chaos subsist with melodic intricacies, combining a bit of sugar with all of the shred-heavy technicality."
- Fecking Bahamas

"Their music feels indebted to old-school emo to an extent, but it doesn’t feel too overbearingly emotional; its lyrics are more abstract and poetic than they are tear-soaked diary-esque, and it’s clear that they’re more focused on winning you over with their dizzying grooves and punk aggression."
- NorthWest Music Scene

"These Seattle duders play Math/emo tinged punk in the same vein as bands like Glocca Morra or Tera Melos, but a little less Twinkle Daddy and a little more party punk. Regardless of which way they lean on the emo spectrum, these dudes make some rad tunes that aren't to be missed."
- The Holland Project