Founding members, Joel Parmer, and Taylor Jay, originally started to lay the foundations of Feel Better in 2013, performing stripped-down concerts with just two guitars and vocals. The transformation into a full band took place over the course of a year and the resulting group adopted their previous moniker, Telescopes as Time Machines. The lineup released their Quiet World EP in 2015, and after a final shakeup to the lineup, the then four-piece adopted a new name and started working on the material that would eventually become this self-titled debut album.

From the opening chords of For Clarity’s Sake to the fading strains of the epic, nearly seven-minute-long Plumes, this is an expansive and thoughtful interpretation of post-hardcore with twinkling emo touches. The vocals are an impassioned, emotional howl that sits astride angular post-punk riffs and the intense drumbeats that characterize the album. Feel Better is a band that has clearly been working its way, methodically, toward a magnum opus. Considering the effortlessness with which the band navigates the 30-minute runtime, seamlessly transitioning from strength to strength, it's hard to argue this isn't it. Fans of post-hardcore should investigate this unique variation on a well-trodden path.

"The grip of indie emo music is the way that apathy can be translated into sonic euphoria. There are days I wake up wanting to sulk in the comfort of my own bedroom. From there I can stare at the same spot on the ceiling, endlessly waiting for something to happen where I can find some unique willpower to move. I’m disconnected, shriveled by a heart ache but endless. It doesn’t flee. Feel Better manage to capture those feelings into a sonic capsule that can be taken by the mouth. The music across their self-titled record keeps me in that bed, but there’s an elegance to it that helps me feel something — a bit of warmth, nostalgia or even the slightest fraction of happiness." -- New Noise Magazine

Released July 15, 2016

Joel Parmer – Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Taylor Jay – Guitar, Bass VI, Vocals
Andy McCutcheon – Guitar, Ebow
Zachary Sherwood – Drums, Percussion

Trumpet / Trombone on tracks 4, 5 & 8 performed by Joel Parmer
Glockenspiel on track 4 performed by Joel Parmer
All Lyrics by Joel Parmer

Engineered & Mixed by Nathan Barnes @ Osmosis Recording
Mastered by Bill Henderson @ Azimuth Mastering
Cassettes and CDs by Really Rad Records / Redscare Media
Artwork by Taylor Jay