Phoenix, AZ four-piece Troubled Minds is on a mission to prove that pop-punk has earned the right to sit at the grown-up table. Their debut LP Something Worth Saving marks the band’s first collaboration with Really Rad Records, and it is a tour de force of mature songwriting wrapped in a sugary sweet coating.

Calling to mind the pitch-perfect pop excellence of Cartel’s genre-defying Chroma, Troubled Minds owes as much to the crossover power pop bands of the early aughts as it does to the pop-punk acts with whom they share a common ancestor. Something Worth Saving captures a band fully in their comfort zone, with track after track of finely tuned head nodders that demand repeated listens. Thick, well-crafted riffs interplay with an airtight rhythm section and anthemic vocal melodies to deliver a fresh take on a genre that is in desperate need of reinvention and fresh blood. Why outgrow pop-punk when it’s aging this gracefully?

"The twinkly guitar that opens the second track on Something Worth Saving, “Chronophobia,” leads into the charged, almost nasal harmonies that build until a breakdown — “The mountains, the mountains, that surround me make me feel small,” sings Aldawood — that, when performed live, begs to be chanted along to. “Punch” has all the familiar characteristics of the emo music of the early 2000s, a blend between the pace and energy of pop-punk mixed with emotional lyricism." -- Phoenix New Times

Released February 1, 2016

Album artwork by Dawsen Brown and Kate Doxey
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Matt Aldawood